What you need to know about Microlocs

April 17, 2022 Mireille Liong

Microlocs are smaller in size than traditional dreadlocks. They are not better or worse, the choice to go with Microlocs is a matter of personal preference. In today’s blog, we’re exploring the different stages of Microlocs, their types and how well they’d suit you.

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Stages of Microlocs

There are four stages through which Microlocs mature:

  • Initial loc stage

This is the first stage of Microlocs, immediately after it is done. The hair is not matted together at all at this point.

  • Budding stage

In this stage, the hair appears frizzy as strands of hair buds together. Matting begins, and slight swelling in the locs is observed.

  • Shooting stage

This stage, also called the adult stage, is characterized by an increase in matting and length. 

  • Contracting stage

This is the last stage where the locs are perfectly stable. There is minimal to no frizz, the loc ends are sealed well, and hair growth amplifies. 

 Micro Locs vs SisterlocksThe Difference between Sisterlocks and Microlocs 

Types of Microlocs

Microlocs can be achieved in mainly four different ways – interlocking, braids or twisting, instant locking or with extensions. 

  • Interlocking

Interlocking is great for all hair types but especially for curly hair types or hair that is till processed. A tool is used to stitch the hair together in microlocs. This can be done with professionally with a Sisterlocks tool or at home with a yarn needle.

  • Braids

These Microlocs are made by sectioning hair perfectly and then braiding them into tiny braids. Braiding works best for natural hair textures 4B and 4C long hair. The length doesn’t matter. As long as your natural hair is not processed and long enough to plait you can start your microlocs with braids.

  • Twists

There are two-strand twists and coils. Two-strand twists are easy to do yourself. Coils aka single strand twists can be more challenging and you would need a professional. 

  • Instant Locs

As the name suggests, instant locs are created on the spot. Although the hair is not naturally matted, the locs look mature. A crochet needle is used to mash the hair together. 

  • Locs with extensions

Microlocs can also be created with extensions. Hair extensions are added to create length. Locs with extensions also look like mature dreadlocks but the difference is of course that the hair is not real.

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The pros of Microlocs

Here is why you should opt for Microlocs for your mane.

  • Volume

Microlocs are smaller in size compared to other locs. This gives a voluminous appearance to the hair. Over 150 to 300 locs can be made based on your head size, texture and hair density.

  • It can be styled in various forms.

Since Microlocs are tiny dreads styling offers more flexibility. 

  • Suitable for an active lifestyle

Microlocs can give you a get up and go hairstyle that is easy to manage. Even with an active lifestyle. 

The cons of Microlocs

There are also a few discouraging things about Microlocs. Because of their small size it will either cost you time or money to maintain these tiny locs. Quite a lot of time if you do it yourself or money if you go to a salon.  

How to take care of Microlocs?

Microlocs need to be taken care of properly, or they might lead to undesired effects like balding, dry scalp, and headaches. The maintenance of locs depends on hair growth, lifestyle and the environment one lives in. Whatever choice of maintenance, make sure that it is not done tight.

Washing your hair may unravel Microlocs in the beginning or cause slippage but it is important to keep the scalp clean. Scalp care includes keeping the scalp free of pollution, lint and any oils that can block the pores.

An easy way to keep the scalp clean is to use the Loc Glove.

The best way to keep a scalp exposed to the outside world healthy, is by using the Cryotherapy Scalp roller

The WNL Hair Growth Tea and the Roller Braid are some of the best products for locs like. They keep all types of locs, traditional Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks hydrated and soft without causing buildup.

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