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Introducing the What Naturals Love Directory for Trusted Locticians, Stylists, and MUAs

As a natural hair advocate and e-commerce strategist, I’m excited to announce a new project by What Naturals Love: the creation of a comprehensive directory for trusted Locticians, Natural Hairstylists, and Makeup Artists (MUAs). This initiative is not just about building a list; it’s about fostering a supportive community and addressing real challenges faced by those of us who cherish our natural hair.

Addressing a Real Need

One of the most significant challenges we face in the natural hair community is finding reliable hair care professionals, especially when we travel or move to a new place. It can be daunting to start the search for someone who understands and respects our unique hair needs. This directory is designed to bridge that gap, providing a go-to resource for finding trusted professionals, no matter where you are.
Combating Scams and Misrepresentation
In 2023, the need for such a directory has become even more apparent. With the rise of scams involving Locticians taking deposits without providing services and individuals falsely claiming to be certified Sisterlocks consultants, it’s clear that our community needs a reliable way to identify and connect with genuine professionals.

Building Trust Through Verification

Our directory aims to list verified salons and stylists, compiled from reputable sources like and our network of known and trusted professionals. But this isn’t just about us curating a list; it’s about community involvement. We need your help in reviewing these professionals, sharing your experiences, and helping to identify any fraudulent activities.
Your Role in This Community Effort
Your participation is vital. By contributing reviews and alerting us to any scammers, you’re helping to ensure that this directory remains a reliable and valuable resource for everyone. Your voice matters in shaping a community that values integrity, skill, and respect for natural hair.

A What Naturals Love Initiative

As part of the ongoing commitment of What Naturals Love to support and empower the natural hair community, this directory represents another step towards ensuring that everyone has access to the best possible hair care. It’s an extension of our dedication to showcasing the beauty of natural hairstyles and advocating for equal hair rights.


This directory is more than a list; it’s a statement of our commitment to each other as a community. It’s a testament to our collective effort to uphold standards, share knowledge, and support those who work tirelessly to maintain the beauty and health of natural hair. Join us in this exciting new venture by What Naturals Love, and together, let’s make finding the right hair care professional an easier, safer, and more enjoyable experience.
Together, let’s celebrate and nurture our natural hair, one trusted professional at a time.

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