My New Locs Hairstyle – I got my Locs retightened and Twisted

From the very first retightening in 2013 up until now, I’ve always went to the same natural hair salon to maintain my micro locs. Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY. 

For most of the years, my locs were groomed by Adenike, a certified Barber, Sisterlocktitian, Raw Food Chef and Reiki practisioner. However, since she retired after the pandemic, Nicole who is also certified, became my go to loctition. 

Styled by Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon

I should also mention that when I am in Suriname, my locs are also in great hands when I go to the Hair Box, Keizerstraat in Paramaribo which I believe was the very first locs salon in Suriname. As you can see in this Loc Maintenance video, Johanna, Master Loctitian and owner of the salon takes care of my locs very well. 

Styling Locs

Although Sabine’s Hallway is known for incredible hairstyling, the times that I’ve chosen to get my hair styled can be counted on one hand. The main reason is that I do like to keep my hair low maintenance but also the extra time it takes. Then, styling doesn’t only takes time, when you style right after retightening your scalp is extra sensitive.  This time, I wanted a style though.

Since I had an upcoming interview with VPRO, a national TV channel from the Netherlands, I didn’t mind going the extra mile to get my hair styled. I just told Nicole that I wanted a bit of curls so she twisted my locs. 

Simply twisted locs, twisted.

Nicole is not only a great loctitian, she is also a formidable hairstylist. So, these twists are really basic for her but not for me. Even if you would give me a week, I couldn’t get my twists this neat but there is more. When I took them out, I realized that she twisted my twisted locs. 

So, basically my locs were first twisted and from each pair of twists Nicole created a new twist. I really loved it. It was neat and fresh, easy to maintain. 

Instructions for the Loc Basin, Loc Bombs and Loc Glove

Products used.

Before going to the salon, I washed my hair myself with the Lemongrass Loc bom. This time I didn’t use the basin, I used the loc bomb as a regular shampoo and rubbed it on my wet locs in the shower. 

After my loc were air dried, I sprayed freshly made WNL Hair Growth Tea on my scalp and locs and I repeated it before going to the salon. The spray bottle with the Hair Tea in it went with me. During a session, your hair can easily air dry so Nicole used the spray whenever needed or whenever I asked.

To keep the style neat, I kept my hair covered with this oversized bonnet

I also got a bit creative 

You can see more of my journey, from y starter braidlocs almost up until now at My Locs journey from Tiny Braids to Mature Micro Locs. Share


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