Is The Price Of Sisterlocks Really Worth It?

Let me let you in if you haven’t heard.  Sisterlocks are expensive. There’s no way around it.  Sisterlocks’ cost can easily climb to over $1,500 in the first year.  That looks like a nice down payment on a car or an awesome piece of furniture. When you start talking about paying over $1,000 in the natural hair community, a group who in general pride themselves in breaking free from the stylists’ shackles, you will get some crazy looks.

How can you stomach shelling out that much cash?

I’m going to be honest.  I hate that Sisterlocks cost that much money.  I would love to spend that money on a new dining room set, rather than sitting in raggedy chairs at a folding table for my meals. At the same time, I appreciate that high cost.  I know that only Sisterlocks consultants and trainees have the education to properly install and maintain Sisterlocks.  They deserve adequate compensation for their work.

The bulk of the Sisterlocks’ price falls on the day all of your Sisterlocks are installed.  Two consultants spent 13 hours in my head.  One commented on the carpal tunnel in her hands.  The meticulous, tedious process they went through made me feel like deserved the price.

I also appreciate that Sisterlocks have an organized system.  You have a consultation, where you discuss what you want; locking day, when your Sisterlocks are fully installed; the first follow-up, where you learn how to properly wash and care for your babies; regularly scheduled retightening and grooming, to make sure your locs progress properly; and a retightening class, where you learn to maintain your Sisterlocks.

A system this organized deserves more than $1,000.

Isn’t this about me?

So, we have deduced the reason for the high price tag on Sisterlocks.  But is it worth what I get in return?


The time I spend on my hair is minimal, while the cuteness ratio is at an all-time high.  When I do choose to style my Sisterlocks, I find them easier to manage than my loose natural hair.  Styling takes little time. Lastly, my Sisterlocks are growing wonderfully.  While I still see shrinkage, I see definite growth.  People tell me that my Sisterlocks are getting long.  (They barely hit the edge of my neck). I’m so over worrying about Sisterlocks’ price.  I know that the hugest amount of cash to pay is gone.  After I take the retightening class, I won’t have to pay a dime.

By Terez Howard

If you are looking for a Sisterlocktitian visit the Sisterlocks website to find a consultant in your area. 

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