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How to find a good loctitian and recognize Loc Scammers on Social Media

Finding a loctician may be difficult, especially if you are new to keeping locs. What’s much worse however is making payments for a service you may never receive. Sadly, scammers are actively taking advantage of people all over the internet, and making money off of people who want to get a good loc appointment.
Whether you have dealt with pretend locticians or not, it’s important to know the warning signs. So, here’s how to find a good loctician without falling into the wrong hands.

Signs that your loctician may be Trying to Pull a Scam

Hurried payment demands

Standard hair salons may require you to book an appointment and make a small deposit towards it. However, if the amount is unusually high, or if the vendor requires you to pay up in full upfront, you may need to take a step back. So, unless it’s a popular location where you can easily request a refund, or trace your payment, don’t give out your money in a hurry.

Unprofessional Communication

If a vendor is usually cordial with you or starts to make it look like you are old besties, they are worth some suspicion. Remember that it’s simply a business transaction and actual business owners do their best to stay respectful without overreaching.

Zero or little online presence

In today’s world, every innovative business has a Google listing, a social media page or two, or a website even! If you cannot find reliable information about them online, they are probably not worth your time. This is not to say that all businesses that aren’t online are fraudulent. But it might be safer to get referrals from people you know.
Also, most times, when they have social media pages, they have little engagement there compared to the number of followers. Most times, they don’t have old posts because they just recently created one. So if the page looks too good to be true, trust your instincts

How to Find a Good Loctician

Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding a good loctician. You could also use these to verify your potential loctician.

Read reviews and ratings

While reviews and ratings may not be the best way to determine how skilled your loctician is, you’ll definitely know that they are real. So, scroll through their website or search page, and read what clients have to say. If the page has pictures of past customers, but no comments or likes, it’s probably a fake.
You should also watch out for objective reviews. If everybody says only nice things, then that vendor is too good to be true.

Get an image of the location from your maps

Fraudsters have been known to put up random locations. Imagine how disheartening it would be to arrive at a fake location after paying for your dreadlocks appointment. Instead, type the location on Google maps. You would get an image, sometimes a front door view of that location. This could save you a lot of stress and perhaps some cash.


There is nothing better than using a loctician that your friends, social media contacts or loc specialists recommend to you. You can rest assured that such a person will offer good services, or at the very least, real services.

Look up their social media pages

Social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are great places to see pictures of what your loctician is capable of. You can put a face or personal identity to the business. So, check out their business pages, or trace their personal social media pages. If you cannot find the vendor’s name or business information, it’s probably a scam artist. There’s also the added advantage of reading through comments, and reading feedback from previous customers.


While finding a loctician, it’s important to stay alert. The warning signs could be a strange social media page, lack of reviews, or sudden changes in address. If the loctician keeps making unusual demands, these could be red flags. Setting up a hair appointment is not rocket science. So, if it looks sketchy, it probably is.

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