Embracing frizzy locs and curly ends in the first months of my Braidlocs Journey

MIreile Liong braidlocs budding phase

Starting locs is quite a journey. Even if you’ve done your research and kind of know what to expect, going through the experience makes a whole lot of difference.

The magical stage

For a majority of people the most challenging stage is the beginning phase. As exited as they are about getting locs, not many people are comfortable with short frizzy locs that don’t “behave”. Especially women. Nearly every day I see the complaints in loc groups.

However, what people often refer to as the ugly stage, I experienced as the magical phase.

Mireille Liong with a big AfroStarter locs with Braids
The start of my Braidlocs. I went from a full fro to scalpy braids. 

Frizz is inevitable

I choose to start with braids because I knew how frizzy my hair naturally was. I could never keep a natural hairstyle very long. Just one day after twisting my hair would look al frizzy. 

Braids kept the frizz away much longer and this actually goes for all hair types. Braids, Sisterlocks and any type of interlocking get less frizzy than twists or coils because they keep the hair more together. Yet, they won’t keep the frizz totally away when you are starting locs. Once your hair start doing its thing, frizz is inevitable. 

Budding phase

In the first few months you may think that your hair is not growing because won’t see your locs gaining length. You may even think that your hair is shrinking. The thought is not even that crazy because in this budding stage the strands are matting, growing together. So your hair is getting fuller first before it gets longer which to me was magical.  

This might even be the most important stage as this phase sets the foundation of your future locs. 

MIreille Liong Braidlocs
I embraced my curly ends and frizzy untamed budding locs

Curly ends also seem to bother some people. They may have your locs look extra frizzy but I didn’t have a problem with it at all. 

This is where the freedom of hair started for me. The most carefree style ever. It was getup and go. I wasn’t expecting my hair to behave a certain way. I expected it to be free! I truly enjoyed this phase. 

Mullberry Silk Pillowcase

Get a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase does reduce frizz but even if frizz is not an issue for you, get at least one.

Back then I didn’t think about it but now I would advice everyone who starts locs to invest in at least one silk pillowcase. Not just to reduce frizz but even more so to prevent lint from getting into your locs. 100% silk pillow case also keep from your hair from drying out overnight.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase does make a difference that is worth the investment. Not just my hair but also my skin feels a lot better then when I was sleeping on regular cotton and satin pillowcases and my hair sleeps lint free. 

I even bring my slik pillowcases with me when I travel because hey, not everybody has them. 

Do you think 100% silk pillowcase are needed for people with locs? 

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