Are Sisterlocks STILL worth the price?

Twelve and a half years later.

That’s how long it’s been since I got locked up.  The big Sisterlocks’ price question constitutes a yes or no answer, right? All this time with my Sisterlocks has led me into a gray area. Also see Is Sisterlocks Really worth it? Let me explain.

Terez Howard with Long Sisterlocks 12 and a half years long locs

Terez Howard, Virtual Assistant/Writer

Strike 1.

During that first year, my consultant did not show up to all of my retightenings, and at the time, I lived two and a half hours away. I remember showing up to the salon once and being told that she was at Disney and forgot. Thankfully, another consultant agreed to do my hair the following day. It became a pattern, where she was forgetting my appointments. So, I got into the habit of texting her reminders a week or so before so that I ensured she would be there to do my hair. I have to mention I was grateful that she traveled to me a couple times and retightened my hair. But, this paled in comparison to those missed appointments. In fact, she forgot about my retightening class appointment, and a different consultant taught me.

Strike 2.

I took that retightening class a year in and have been maintaining my hair since then. I was so thrilled with the freedom of maintaining my hair that I wanted to share it with the world. The Sisterlocks Powers That Be promptly asked me to remove my three-minute Youtube video because it violated their trademark agreement I signed when I took the class. While I complied and took down my video, that experience left me wondering how a three-minute video compared to a $250 trademarked class. How could I have imparted such immense secrets in those few minutes? I felt through.

Long sisterlocks styled in a updo Terez Howard

Terez Howard, Virtual Assistant/Writer does her own reties and knows how to style her own hair

Strike 3.

Who doesn’t like to #treatyourself to a salon visit every now and then? A handful of times, I did just that. I found a different consultant because I wanted someone to check my hair and get a break from those long retightening sessions. As she moved through the front area around my hairline, she noticed some odd locs and questioned the direction I was using to retighten my hair. When I told her that I’m a 3 pattern (yes, I’m allowed to tell you that) and demonstrated how I was instructed, she gasped and said, “That’s wrong!” I had been instructed to do a whole section of my hair backwards. Thankfully, she schooled me on this the right way.

But it hasn’t all been bad.

In terms of dollars and cents, that initial chunk of change breaks down to two
Starbucks lattes every month. For this equation, let’s pretend I spent $1000 (I actually spent less) for my installation. If I were to get my hair done every month for the past twelve and a half years, (1000 divided by 150 months), I would spend a little under $7 each time… a jaw-dropping two Starbucks lattes. That number gets lower each and
every month I rock my locs.

What’s more, my hair has grown longer than it’s ever been. Throughout the years, I’ve gotten trims to get rid of those wonky ends, you know, those emaciated, uneven tips. When my daughter wanted to cut her hair, I bargained that I would cut mine too and snipped about four inches of growth back in 2020. That length has since returned and surpassed my previous length. And with great length comes great styling options. One of the reasons I locked my hair was for that versatility. Updos, buns, curls, braids, you name it, I’ve tried it and loved every minute of it.

I chose Sisterlocks because I loved the way the journey was organized, neatly
packaged to support you each step of the way. My experience told a different story. Yet, another chapter of that same story articulates satisfaction and the sheer joy maintaining and wearing my natural hair. I’ve caught myself throwing shade, declaring people should opt for any other form of locs, and singing praises on my hair, proclaiming it the best decision I’ve made for my hair. So are Sisterlocks worth the price?

Absolutely and not at all.

About Terez Howard
Terez Howard, a lifelong natural, is a virtual assistant, helping entrepreneurs and
solopreneurs make their businesses thrive. Her passion is wrapped up in volunteer work. She also enjoys lifting weights and upping her Spanish skills. 

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